What is Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine is considered to be an alternative medicine because it tends to focus on averting the root of any sickness or diseases. Also, functional medicine focuses on what causes sickness or diseases. Functional medicine is favored more to physicians that practices DO (Doctor of Osteopathic) than MD (Doctor of Medicine). 

Why DO Physicians Shift to This Approach More and Why Functional Medicine Works?

Functional medicine focuses more on health and making sure the patients are well and are doing fine. Boston functional medicine clinics shies away from prescription drugs and the patients’ genes are the center of attention. There will be a shift on the nutritional side and remove any toxic foods or drinks that can trigger the health. Sometimes cutting back on selective foods or drinks can solve the problem. 

It’s very affordable that it wouldn’t cost a fortune when it comes to bills. The physician can educate the patients about the sighs of sickness or diseases. Also, the physician will be able to show and to tell how to make sure it won’t come back. Patients will learn how to strike a balance on how to handle and deal with it. The physicians will learn to be more attentive when the patients speak and will feel more important. 

Why Functional Medicine Works and Principles to Follow.

The first principle is the body can self regulate and is very smart. The human body can cure itself and block off all the negative components in the body. There is a possibility that the human body can even slow down or stop age-related illnesses. The second principle is Everyone one is different. Everyone doesn’t have the same sickness and will need to be treated differently.

There will be tests run and the physician will come up with the best solution. The third principle is more supportive. The doctor’s office can be overwhelming, but when it’s time for the patient to doctor time, communication is vital and listening skills will be sharpened. Including any other health care employees that are involved such as a physical therapist or counselor. 

The fourth principle will be current health-related things that are out there. There are new sciences that are being discovered or improvements that are being adjusted. The physician can implement it with the approval of the patient’s request. From there the treatment can improve drastically. 

The fifth principle is the well being of health. Being healthy people can pretty much do anything he or she pleases. However, when then health is being compromised, everything will shift. The patients will need to learn how to maintain good health and stay healthy at all times. Even though things don’t go as planned. 

The sixth principle is using other things to help with health. This simply means sometimes other medicine will be supplemented. The common use is herbs because the herbs will be used to speed up the recovery time. The seventh and last principle is the origin. Where the sickness came from, how the patient will able to contract it, and not letting it return at all. 

After The Seven Principles, There Is An Eight.

The first pinpoint to functional medicine is to take in. This means that the physician will look at the places in the human body, such as stomach for digestion or airways of the lungs for any respiratory issues. The second pinpoints to functional medicine are restored. This means any damages that were already done can be reconditioned back to normal. The third pinpoint of functional medicine is to have energy. The physician will train fatigue patients on how to maintain energy throughout the day.

The fourth pinpoint to functional medicine is eliminated. Any potential hazards in the body will be immediately gone because the physician will have a plan for it. The fifth pinpoints to functional medicine are the heart and immune system. This is a common target area that patients have. The sixth pinpoint to functional medicine is neurotransmitters. The physicians will make sure that the body can communicate with each other so everything can run smoothly. The seventh and last pinpoint to functional medicine is good behavior. The patients will need to stay hopeful and positive for an excellent outcome.

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